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Sam’s Addendum to Ed’s Entry

Monday, June 23rd, 2003

Ed doesn’t like “Chuck E. Cheese” but Charlie loves it. While I do agree that “Kidz Cafe” is really nice too, it’s just a bit further of a drive, and it doesn’t have as many games for Charlie to play, and most of the games it has take 2 tokens (whereas “Chuck E. Cheese” only needs 1 for ALL games & rides). Also, you have to PAY to get into “Kidz Cafe” and entry to “Chuck E. Cheese” is FREE!!! Plus, the security at “Chuck E. Cheese” is exponentially better than either “Funtime Junction” or “Kidz Cafe” — they actually check you on your way out at “Chuck E. Cheese”!!!

BOTTOM LINE: “Kidz Cafe” is nice for it’s play-area, but “Chuck E. Cheese” still RULES for security, games and fun (especially since Charlie’s big enough to climb their playground now).

Another rain-filled weekend

Monday, June 23rd, 2003

Unless New Jersey has suddenly become Seattle, I don’t know what’s up with our June weather. I get the feeling I should be building an ark but my weekends are busy enough playing with my two kids.

Since the weather’s been so miserable through the weekend, I took Charlie and Suzie out to Kidz Cafe, an indoor playground in Totowa, NJ, off Route 46 East. I like the place a lot more than Chuck E. Cheese (or, Chucky Disease as some of us call it) or FunTime Junction. Charlie always seems to have fun at any of the three places, but given my choice, I prefer to take her to Kidz Cafe.

Also, I booked the airline ticket for my cousin-in-law, Kazuhiko, who works for YKK America and is now in the Atlanta, Georgia area. We’re flying him up to stay with us over the Fourth of July holiday. We met him for the first time when we went to Japan this past year in July and August of 2002. It’ll be really nice to see him again.

Sam’s First Entry

Friday, June 20th, 2003

Ok, I need to type something here or Ed won’t quit bothering me — and he calls me a “nag”! Seriously though, I’ll have to see if I have the diligence to keep up with this. Although, for the immediate future, I’m still in the process of adapting to life with two small kids at home. Suzie’s still not sleeping through the night yet. We usually head to bed around 10:30 – 11pm, and she’ll wake up around 1am, 3 or 4 am, and then 5 or 6 — depending on the 3 or 4 slot. So, I’m really a walking zombie these days. But, such is life with a new baby around the house. For the most part, we’re hanging in there and can’t complain. Suzie and Charlie are interacting well, and Charlie’s really good about letting us know if it’s getting too much for her. She’s been really understanding about the whole life-style change.

Just to mess with her a little more, Ed’s recently switched jobs. So, our morning routine is radically different, as well as our evening routine. His commute is much longer now, so he’s really only going to have “time” with Charlie over the weekends. Another major adjustment for her, as she’s a total “Daddy’s Girl”. But she’ll adjust and grow just like the rest of us do…

Well, I think that’s a pretty good first entry. Hope to have the time to do another one soon. Stay tuned for updates ;-)

This is how it all starts …

Thursday, June 19th, 2003

Okay. I finally caved in and set up a blog. I don’t know how useful or interesting it’s going to be, but it’s here.

Dossy has his own blog at and Samantha’s is at