Sam’s Addendum to Ed’s Entry

Ed doesn’t like “Chuck E. Cheese” but Charlie loves it. While I do agree that “Kidz Cafe” is really nice too, it’s just a bit further of a drive, and it doesn’t have as many games for Charlie to play, and most of the games it has take 2 tokens (whereas “Chuck E. Cheese” only needs 1 for ALL games & rides). Also, you have to PAY to get into “Kidz Cafe” and entry to “Chuck E. Cheese” is FREE!!! Plus, the security at “Chuck E. Cheese” is exponentially better than either “Funtime Junction” or “Kidz Cafe” — they actually check you on your way out at “Chuck E. Cheese”!!!

BOTTOM LINE: “Kidz Cafe” is nice for it’s play-area, but “Chuck E. Cheese” still RULES for security, games and fun (especially since Charlie’s big enough to climb their playground now).

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  1. Dossy Says:

    Are we really talking about the value of coin-operated video games, here? Isn’t it better that the physical activity-based things are better? Don’t we want to be encouraging her to run around like a little crazy three-year-old instead of tinking around on video games? She gets to play on the computer enough at home.

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