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End of April 2005

Saturday, April 30th, 2005

Well, after several months of ‘behind-ness’ on the website we’re back up to date! There’s been a lot happening — we had the girls’ birthdays in February (Suzie’s was on the 1st and Charlie’s on the 26th) and then we had a ‘joint’ Birthday party for them on the 13th (which we still haven’t sent out the ‘Thank-yous’ for — sorry to those who attended, but they’re still in the works).

All three of those dates are good to check out — we did a lot of fun stuff. Also, other dates worth noting (in no particular order) are April Fool’s Day (April 1st) we had some fun that day! We just got together with our cousin, Ilana, at her new house last Thursday (the 28th of April). We did a ‘family hike’ on April 9th, which was quite fun. And there are pictures of our friendly garden chipmunk on the 7th of April.

Our friend Jake’s birthday part was on March 20th and the girls went bowling for the first time — you should see the pictures of Suzie holding a bowling ball almost as big as she is!!! It’s really quite funny! Our other friends, the Puzios had their joint party on March 6th and had an Amphibian/Reptile guy come and show the kids a bunch of lizards, frogs, snakes — it was really very interesting and educational.

Another fun day to look at is February 21st — we had a huge snow-storm and did some fun stuff both out- and in-doors. And on February 11th the girls received a super gift from their Aunty Janine and Uncle Josh and cousin Jenna in the UK. They got a new puppet show theater, which, if you know our girls, is a BIG hit.

Other than those dates, Charlie has her riding lesson each week on a Tuesday — you can check her progress as I still take pictures and short movies each week. And we’ve had several other friend’s birthday parties that we’ve attended — there are plenty photos there too. The rest is just sort of day-to-day stuff.

We are experiencing a few minor technical issues on the site — but if you have any problems, please email Ed/Dossy or me to let us know what problems you’re experiencing. We can’t fix it if we don’t know about it!
Hope everyone’s well — take care until we update again.