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The Hippity-Hop is OUT!!!

Tuesday, September 30th, 2003

Well, for those of you who have been involved with our little attempts at getting Charlie onto the toilet, you will be able to appreciate this headline! For the rest of you, allow me to illuminate you!

Several months ago, whilst shopping at BJ’s, we spotted a plush-covered hippity hop (this is a bouncy ball for kids to sit on, with a handle on it). The plush on the bouncy ball, in this case, was in the shape of a kangaroo with a joey in it’s pouch. Well, Charlie fell in love at first sight. I agreed to purchase it for her, if she would go to the toilet all day. She, of course, said yes, and didn’t make it through the day.

For the last few months, the Hippity-hop has been sitting in our dining room closet, waiting for the day that Charlie would stay dry (and clean) from the time she woke in the morning, to bedtime…

Yesterday (29th September 2003) was that day!!!!

Now, I know that all you experienced moms, etc. are saying, “Yeah, that’s just one day — she’s not toilet trained yet…” And, of course, we realize that. But it is, undeniably, a most notable day in our little family’s life!

So, on that happy and enthuastic note, I will leave you with the knowledge (or just the thought) that, you can make someone increadibly happy, just by going to the toilet!!! Isn’t life grand???!!!