It's a Girl!

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Charlene is now <%= $age %> old.

On the Twenty-Sixth day of the Second month of the year Two Thousand, Charlene Alexandra Shiobara was born.

The event took place at Seven Twenty-Four AM. Charlene weighed in at Six pounds, Fourteen ounces, and measured Nineteen and Three-Quarter inches long.

Samantha went into labor in the evening of the 25th. We went to the hospital at 1:00 AM EST on the 26th. A normal delivery was attempted until roughly 5:00 AM when the obstetrician said that the baby was not going to descend.

Charlene was born via a Caesarian Section. It turns out that her head couldn't navigate the cervix, and actually had gotten stuck there. The obstetrician when performing the section actually had to pull four times to remove the baby and deliver her. She also managed to wrap her umbilical cord twice around her neck.

The mother and father are doing just fine, totally bowled over at their new bundle of joy. I think they're going to be totally insufferable for the next few weeks as they go on and on about "baby firsts" and everything that is "so cute", but this too shall pass.

Charlene was delivered at Hackensack University Medical Center in Hackensack, New Jersey. Dr. Andrew Rubenstein was the obstetrician.